A Basic Overview of Court-Ordered DebT RESTITUTION


  1. What is restitution?

  2. Is it possible to owe more than one type of restitution?

  3. Who is considered a “victim” to recover victim restitution?

  4. Court fines and penalties

    1. What are court fines and penalties?

    2. What should I know about court fines and penalties?

  5. Court administrative fees

    1. What are court administrative fees?

    2. What should I know about court administrative fees?

    3. What happens to my court-ordered debt while I’m incarcerated?

    4. Will my debts be sent to “collections”?

    5. How can my court-ordered debt affect me while I am on a term of supervision?

    6. Which types of court-ordered debt are likely to be conditions of my probation?

    7. What happens if I don't pay off these debts?

    8. Does a credit report show restitution and court fines?

    9. What are my options if my wages are garnished or there is a lien on my property?

  6. Traffic fines and tickets

    1. What are traffic fines and tickets?

    2. How do I know which type of ticket I have?

    3. What could happen if I get a new ticket?

    4. What could happen if I don’t pay my traffic fines or if I don’t appear for my court date?

    5. I think I had an old traffic ticket, but I can’t remember or can’t find it. What are my options?

    6. What are my options if the DMV told me I have an outstanding traffic ticket?

    7. I had a traffic ticket that was pending (unresolved) when I was incarcerated. What might have happened to it?

    8. I think my traffic ticket qualifies for dismissal. How can I get it dismissed?