The results of your educational assessment will tell you what educational level you are currently at. Based on that information, you must choose what the right next step is for you. Depending on what your education level is, the next step may be clear, or you may have to decide between several different possible paths. Here are the different types of educational programs you may encounter.

  1. Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    1. What is ABE? How can it help me?

    2. How much do ABE classes cost?

    3. How do I get into ABE classes?

  2. High School Credentials

    1. I’m ready for high school-level work. What are my options?

    2. General Educational Development (GED) Tests

    3. Adult High School Diploma Programs

  3. Higher education overview

    1. What is higher education?

  4. Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs

    1. What is Career and Technical Education?

    2. How can a CTE program help me?

    3. How much money will it cost to earn a CTE certificate?

    4. How do I find CTE programs?

    5. How do I choose a CTE program?

    6. How do I enroll in a CTE program?

  5. College & university academic degrees

    1. Is going to college the right choice for me?

    2. What are the different kinds of academic degrees?

    3. Associate Degree Programs

    4. Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  6. Applying to college

    1. What will I need to apply for college?

    2. How much does it cost to take these tests?

    3. How do I sign up for these tests?

    4. How do I prepare for the SAT or the ACT?

  7. Earning & transferring college credits—good options if you are incarcerated

    1. How can I find out if my credits will transfer?

    2. How do I transfer my credits?

    3. Distance education

    4. Correspondence courses

  8. Graduate academic and professional degree programs

    1. Where can I find information about graduate programs?