What will I learn?

Setting your educational goals involves asking yourself some important questions about your future. What purpose do you want your education to serve? Is it a way to achieve a specific goal – for example, a way to get a better job? Is it an opportunity for personal growth? Or both?

Going through some of the questions below may make it easier to make a decision and help you get a clear idea of the goals you want to reach. Often there are several answers to a question, so making lists can help you organize your thoughts and priorities.

  1. Some questions for you to think about on your personal educational journey

    1. What are your short-term and long-term educational goals?

    2. What practical considerations do you need to take into account?

    3. What type of job do you want?

    4. What skills, training, and job experience do you already have?

    5. What are your interests?

    6. What natural talents do you have? What are you good at?

    7. Does the job or career you are interested in have restrictions against people with criminal records?

    8. What are the jobs that have legal restrictions for people with criminal records?

    9. What is a professional/occupational license and what does it require?

    10. What kinds of jobs require a professional/occupational license?

    11. What type of skills or education could help you get the job you want?

  2. How your criminal record and incarceration may affect your educational goals

    1. If I am still incarcerated. what barriers might I face in pursuing my education?

    2. If I am under federal, state, or county supervision, what barriers might I face?

    3. I am required to register as a sex offender. How this will affect going back to school?

    4. If I have completed my sentence, and I’m off supervision, what barriers might I still face?

  3. How to choose the educational path that meets your specific educational goals

    1. Once everything is considered, how do I start finding the educational program that is right for me?

    2. Can I be denied acceptance to an educational program or institution because of my criminal history?

    3. Do I need to disclose my juvenile record when applying to different educational programs?