Jobs & Professions Your Record Might Exclude You From


  1. Legal restrictions on certain jobs

    1. Are there certain types of jobs I can’t have because of my criminal record?

    2. Can I ever become eligible again to get these jobs?

  2. Legal restrictions on professional licenses

    1. What are professional and occupational licenses and what do they require?

    2. What kinds of jobs require a professional or occupational license?

    3. Can I get a professional or occupational license with a record?

    4. What criminal history information can a licensing board consider about me?

    5. Can a licensing board deny me a license based on my record?

    6. Can I apply for a license while I’m still incarcerated?

    7. Can I apply for a probationary license before I get a full license?

    8. What can I do if the board denies my application for a license?

    9. What can I do if I used to have a license, but lost it due to a criminal conviction?

    10. Who can help me if my license has been denied or taken away due to a criminal conviction?

    11. Where can I go to learn more about professional licenses?