Family Issues Inside Prison or Jail

What will I learn about family issues inside prison or jail?

  1. Pregnancy & Mothering While Incarcerated

    1. I gave birth while incarcerated. How do I connect with my child after I am released?

    2. What can I do to show that I am able to parent my child after my release?

  2. Restrictions on Children Visiting Currently Incarcerated Parents

    1. Can my children visit me in state prison?

    2. How do I get a court order to reinstate visitation with my child?

    3. What is the Institution Classification Committee and how do I request contact visits through it?

    4. I was arrested for a child-related offense, but not convicted. Can my child visit me in jail or prison?

  3. Paternity/Parentage Issues

    1. What is paternity/parentage?

    2. Why does legal paternity/parentage matter?

    3. What does paternity have to do with my reentry?

    4. Can my criminal record affect paternity issues and reconnecting with my child?

    5. How do I establish parentage?

    6. Can i establish my parentage in court while i am incarcerated?