Juvenile Deliquency Court: Just the Basics

What will I learn about juvenile delinquency court?

The following is a brief overview of juvenile delinquency court cases. We only include the basics because Root & Rebound is focused on providing information to people who are in reentry from prison and jail, and navigating legal issues with a criminal record. In general, we do not focus on situations in which a person is actively being charged with a crime in criminal or juvenile delinquency court. But because many people in reentry have children involved in the juvenile justice system, we are including a brief overview here to provide parents with some very basic information. If you have a child involved in a juvenile delinquency case, we recommend you speak with the juvenile delinquency court that is handling your child’s case, and your child’s attorney.

  1. What is juvenile delinquency court?

  2. How could a case in juvenile delinquency court affect my ability to reconnect with my child in my reentry?

  3. What could happen to my parental rights if my child has a case in juvenile delinquency court?

  4. Could my criminal record affect my child’s case in juvenile delinquency court?