Spousal Support Debt

  1. Basics of Spousal Support Debt

    1. What is spousal support?

    2. who has to pay spousal support?

    3. How will owing spousal support affect my reentry?

    4. How do I find out if I owe spousal support and how much I owe?

  2. Managing Spousal Support Payments

    1. I received legal papers about spousal support. What can I do?

    2. I am currently incarcerated. Do my spousal support payments automatically stop while I am in prison or jail?

    3. Do my spousal support payments automatically begin when I am released from prison?

    4. How are spousal support payments made?

    5. How do payments made by earnings assignment work?

    6. Can I change the amount of spousal support I owE (while i am incarcerated or after my release)?

    7. I am formerly incarcerated and owe money for past, overdue spousal support payments (“arrears”). How can I change these arrears?

    8. Can I get rid of my past, over due spousal support payments?

    9. I receive public benefits. Can a portion of my public benefits be taken to pay for spousal support?

  3. Consequences for Failing to Pay Spousal Support

    1. Can I be in violation of my supervision or parole if I fail to pay spousal support?

    2. Can I go to jail for not paying spousal support?

  4. Requesting spousal support payments

    1. Can I ask for spousal support while I am incarcerated?