Improving Your Chances Of Getting Into Government-Assisted Housing—Offering Proof Of Rehabilitation & Mitigating Factors

This section explains the types of information and evidence that you can show to strengthen your application to a PHA or government-assisted housing. You can also provide this type of information and evidence to challenge a denial from government-assisted housing. (Learn more about challenging denials from government-assisted housing beginning on PG. 386.)

  1. What is “proof of mitigating factors?”

  2. What is “proof of rehabilitation?”

  3. Do government-assisted housing programs have to consider mitigating circumstances & evidence of rehabilitation?

  4. When could i show proof of mitigating circumstances and rehabilitation to the PHA or owner of government-assisted housing?

  5. Specific Examples of Evidence that can Strengthen Your Application to Government-Assisted Housing

    1. What specific types of evidence will strengthen my housing application to government-assisted housing?

    2. If I can show the Public Housing Authority (PHA) that I really need the housing, will that help my application?