Joining Family & Friends in Housing

What will I learn?

This section will discuss tips and important steps you should take if you want to join a family or friend’s household after your release. In addition to these considerations, you always need to think about any restrictions based on your supervision status (probation, parole, etc.)—learn more about the rules and conditions you must follow for your type of community supervision in the PAROLE & PROBATION CHAPTER, beginning on PG. 125.

  1. Joining Family or Friends in Private Housing

  2. Joining Family or Friends in Government-Assisted Housing

    1. I have a criminal record and want to join a household living in federal government-assisted housing. Can I?

    2. I want to join someone government-assisted housing. Can I?

    3. I want to go back to my government-assisted housing unit after a brief period in jail or prison. Can I do that?

    4. If I am joining a household, will the PHA or owner of the government-assisted housing run a criminal background check on me?

    5. If I am being incarcerated for a new offense, does my family have to report that I moved out?

    6. Guest Policies in Government-Assisted Housing:

    7. Policies for Live-in Aides in Government-Assisted Housing