Looking for & Identifying Good Housing Options


  1. What are the first steps I should take in my housing search?

  2. Can I find housing while I am still incarcerated?

  3. What are some steps I can take if I am worried about becoming homeless?

  4. Will my parole or probation officer help me find somewhere to live?

  5. What are my housing options after release?

  6. Short-Term Housing Overview

    1. Staying with family or friends

    2. Shelters

    3. Transitional housing programs

    4. Special needs housing—short- or long-term

    5. Pre-Release Transitional housing programs

  7. Long-Term Housing Overview

    1. Permanent Housing

    2. Special Needs Housing—Short- or Long-Term

  8. Housing for Special Needs & Populations

    1. Women & Children

    2. Domestic Violence Survivors

    3. Seniors/Elders

    4. Veterans

    5. Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery Housing (also called “Sober Living Environments”)

    6. 290 Sex Offender Registrants & Residency Restrictions

  9. Private vs. Government-Assisted Housing: An overview

    1. How can I figure out if I am applying to/living in private or government-assisted housing?

    2. Private Housing

    3. Government-Assisted Housing