Short-Term Housing Overview

When you are preparing for release or first get out of prison or jail, most of your housing options will be focused on short-term and transitional housing. Examples of short-term housing include: staying with a family member; staying with a friend; staying in a shelter (shelters usually offer a bed and shower for one or more nights, and sometimes offer other free services); and living in a transitional housing program.

  1. Staying with family or friends

  2. Shelters

  3. Transitional housing programs

    1. Can I get into a transitional housing program if I am still incarcerated?

    2. What may I need to get to be accepted into transitional housing?

  4. Special needs housing—short- or long-term

  5. Pre-Release Transitional housing programs

    1. What types of pre-release transitional housing programs does CDCR offer?

    2. What happents to my good time credits if I serve the last part of my sentence in a transitional house program?

    3. I’m a lifer. Can I participate in CDCR’s pre-release transitional housing programs?

    4. Are there waitlists to get into these programs?

    5. I have children. If I participate in these programs, can they live with me?

    6. Some of these programs are gender-specific. What if I identify as transgender or gender-variant?