Mandatory supervision

  1. Basics of Mandatory Supervision

    1. What is mandatory supervision?

    2. Who can be released onto mandatory supervision?

  2. After Release: What to Expect in your first days out on mandatory supervision

    1. What must I do after I get released onto Mandatory Supervision?

  3. Length of Mandatory Supervision

    1. How long will I be on mandatory supervision?

    2. Can I get off mandatory supervision early?

  4. Conditions of Mandatory Supervision

    1. What are the conditions of mandatory supervision?

    2. Can I earn good time credits on mandatory supervision?

  5. Transferring Locations on Mandatory Supervision

    1. How do I transfer counties on mandatory supervision?

    2. How do I transfer states on Mandatory Supervision?

  6. Violations & Revocations of Mandatory Supervision

    1. What is the probation violation and revocation process on mandatory supervision, and what are my rights in that process?

    2. What happens if I am unable to abide by the conditions of my mandatory supervision?

  7. Your Rights as a Person with a Disability on Mandatory Supervision

    1. I have a disability. What rights do I have regarding accommodations for my disability?