Violations & Revocation of Federal Parole

  1. What could happen if I violate the conditions of my federal parole (or mandatory release)?

  2. Who issues an arrest warrant or summons to appear at a hearing if I violate federal parole or mandatory release?

  3. After a warrant or summons is issued, what happens?

  4. May a federal parolee have an attorney at a preliminary interview and revocation hearing?

  5. Will I be in prison pending hearing?

  6. Where are the revocation hearings held?

  7. What is the timeline of the hearing?

  8. If my hearing is held in a federal institution rather than locally, am I entitled to an attorney and may I present witnesses on my behalf?

  9. What is the hearing procedure?

  10. When is revocation mandatory?

  11. How could I be sentenced for a revocation of federal parole?

  12. If the commission revokes parole or mandatory release, does a parolee get any credit on the sentence for the time spent under supervision?

  13. If I get my federal parole revoked, how long must I serve before the parole commission reviews my case again?

  14. Can I appeal the revocation decision by the U.S. Parole Commission?