Transfer Locations on Federal Probation, Federal Supervised Release, or Federal Parole

IMPORTANT: This section on transfers applies to anyone who is on federal community supervision, such as federal probation, supervised release, or federal parole.

  1. How can I move if I am on federal supervision (like federal probation, federal supervised release, or federal parole)?

  2. What factors could help my request to move/transfer be approved?

  3. What factors could hurt my request to move/transfer from being approved?

  4. I am on federal probation, Federal supervised release, or Federal Parole. Is it possible to move while a transfer investigation is still pending?

  5. Can I challenge a denial of my transfer request?

  6. I am on federal supervision. Can I move in with someone who lives in government-assisted housing (like public housing, Section 8, or a voucher program)?