Conditions of Supervised Release

  1. What are conditions of supervised release, and why are they important?

  2. What is the difference between mandatory & discretionary conditions of supervised release?

  3. Where can I find a written statement of my conditions of supervised release?

  4. How often do I have to see my probation officer if I am on supervised release?

  5. What are the mandatory conditions that apply to me and everyone else on supervised release?

  6. What are additional mandatory conditions that only certain people on Supervised Release have to follow?

  7. Are there any additional conditions I will have to follow on supervised release?

  8. What rules must the judge follow when ordering discretionary conditions on my supervised release?

  9. What discretionary conditions will I have to follow on supervised release?

  10. What additional discretionary conditions may I have to follow on supervised release?

  11. Can my conditions of supervised release be changed?

  12. How do I challenge unlawful discretionary conditions that were added on to my supervised release?