General Assistance/General Relief (GA/GR)

General Assistance and General Relief (GA/GR) provide cash assistance to adults who have little money, no sources of support, and who are not currently receiving any other public benefits. Every county in California runs its own GA or GR program, referred to in some counties (mostly in Northern California) as General Assistance (GA) and in other counties (mostly in Southern California) as General Relief (GR).

Helpful HintWhat’s the difference between General Assistance (GA)/General Relief (GR) & CalWORKS?

General Assistance/General Relief is designed to assist needy single adults. The typical General Assistance/General Relief recipient is a low-income single person who has limited resources and does not receive any other Public Benefits. The typical CalWORKS recipients are low-income families with minor children who may also receive other Public Benefits.

  1. Am I eligible for GA/GR?

  2. Can my criminal history limit my ability to get GA/GR?

  3. What benefits and services can I get through GA/GR?

  4. How do I apply for GA/GR?

  5. Can I apply for GA/GR while incarcerated?

  6. Once I’m enrolled in GA/GR, what rules must I follow to stay in the program?

  7. I believe my application for General Assistance/General Relief benefits was wrongly denied or stopped. How can I appeal?

  8. Can I get my Medi-Cal health insurance to cover a medical bill I got after my release BUT before I had signed up for Medi-Cal?