Can the police report me to U.S. immigration officials for using an AB 60 “Undocumented Person” driver license in California?

No. It is against state law for state police to discriminate against anyone driving with an AB 60 driver license in California, but federal agents in California and all law enforcement agencies outside of California are NOT required to honor your AB 60 driver license.

Depending on local laws and policies, you could face criminal or immigration consequences if you show your California “Undocumented Person” driver license to a police officer in another state—so use it only in California! And do NOT try to use it in federal facilities, like airport screenings or crossing through Customs and Border Patrols![203] Airports and Customs are run by the federal government, and they do NOT recognize AB 60 licenses—in fact, they can use it against you.

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    See Cal. Veh. Code § 12801.9.