Proposition 47: Reclassification and Resentencing Under the New Law

  1. What is Proposition 47, and how could it help me?

  2. What offenses does Prop. 47 reduce?

  3. Who can get Prop. 47 relief?

  4. Who cannot get Prop. 47 relief?

  5. Who can get Prop. 47 remedies?

  6. What does Prop. 47 not do?

  7. How does Prop. 47 change a conviction on my criminal record?

  8. Can Prop. 47 change the amount of court-ordered fines I owe?

  9. How do I get my conviction reduced under Prop. 47?

  10. If I get my felony reduced under Prop. 47, can I also get it expunged?