Proposition 64: California’s New “Adult Use of Marijuana” Law

  1. What is Proposition 64?

  2. How could Prop. 64 help me?

  3. What offenses does Prop. 64 reduce or eliminate?

  4. Who can get Prop. 64 relief?

  5. Can I be resentenced under Prop. 64?

  6. How do I get resentenced under prop. 64?

  7. Can I get a prior marijuana conviction reduced or removed under prop. 64?

  8. What does Prop. 64 not do?

  9. If I get my felony reduced under Prop. 64, can I then get it expunged?

  10. What if I have a gun possession conviction, or other offense/enhancement that I would not have had without my felony marijuana conviction or sentence?

  11. Does Prop. 64 impact my federal sentence?

  12. Does Prop. 64 help with immigration consequences?

  13. Can employers located in California still drug test me even though Prop. 64 passed? Can employers refuse to hire me or fire me for using marijuana?