Who is considered a “victim” to recover victim restitution?

The law defines “victim” VERY broadly. Even if no one was physically hurt during the crime, the court can order you to pay for property damage or economic losses caused by the crime. You could be ordered to pay restitution to ANY of the following:

    A specific person (or people) who suffered physical or emotional harm, had property taken or damaged, or had to pay out-of-pocket expenses as a result of the crime;
    The family of the person harmed;
    The Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board (Restitution Fund);
    A business that was damaged or had money losses due the crime; and/or
    A government agency that was damaged or had money losses, suffered vandalism damage, or had to clean or repair graffiti caused by the crime.[2156]
  1. 2156

    Cal. Penal Code § 1202.4(f).