Court-Ordered Debt Appendix

Inmate Inheritance Notification Form – PG. 684
Annual Credit Report Request Form – PG. 686
Earnings Withholding Order (Judicial Council Form WG-002) – PG. 688
Employee Instructions (Wage Garnishment) (Judicial Council Form WG-003) – PG. 691
Claim of Exemption (Judicial Council Form EJ-160) – PG. 694
Exemptions from the Enforcement of Judgments (Judicial Council Form EJ-155) – PG. 696
Fair Debt Collection Practices & A Sample Letter to Debt Collection Agency – PG. 699
California County Court Collection Unit Contact Information – PG. 703
Sample Petition to Vacate Civil Assessment – PG. 708
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: To Get and Keep a Good Credit Score – PG. 710
Consumer Debt and Tax Law Legal Referrals – PG. 713