Get Your Foot in the Door Through Temporary Positions

Some employers will give you the opportunity to prove yourself by starting work in a short-term, part-time, or temporary position, or for a test period. This gives you a chance to show the employer that you are a hard worker, and that you can work safely and responsibly. It may help get your foot in the door for a more permanent job afterward. If you do well during the testing period, you can ask the employer to consider hiring you for a permanent or full-time job, or to keep you in mind if a permanent job opens up in the future.

If you’re participating in a workforce development program or have enrolled at an America’s Job Center, you can also ask whether they have any special programs that let you get paid for doing on-the-job training or getting work experience with an employer. These programs are great because they help you to develop your job skills, get training, and practice working for an employer—and get paid at the same time! In addition, these programs can sometimes turn into longer-term employment afterward, because an employer may be more willing to hire you once you prove yourself in training.[2046]

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