INTRODUCTION: Looking for Work


    What to expect as a job applicant with a criminal recordHow your criminal history will affect your job searchThe basic documents you need before applying for jobsHow to prepare for questions about your criminal recordKey terms to know and understand when reading this chapterHow to improve your resumeBasic information on cleaning up your recordHow to target your job search to find the right job for you, and what types of jobs may not be available based on your recordOptions for work beyond traditional employmentImportant information about filling out job applicationsHow to succeed in job interviews and present your best self to employersSpecial benefits that are available to employers who hire people with criminal records

People with criminal convictions can and do get jobs—it happens every day! They are employed in the workforce at all levels, from entry-level jobs to executive positions. You may (or may not) have to work a little harder to get a job, but it can and will happen. Remember the 3 “P”s—be Persistent, be Professional, and keep a Positive attitude.