Are there certain types of jobs I can’t have because of my criminal record?

Sometimes. There are certain situations when having certain types of convictions on your record could or will disqualify you from getting certain types of jobs. It is important that you know about these situations beforehand, so that you can realistically set your sights on jobs that you can have.

Although this list is incomplete, below are some examples of jobs that have legal restrictions for people with certain convictions. In general, these are jobs where you would have access to private or sensitive information (like financial records); vulnerable people (like children or the elderly), or high-security places, where there might be a greater risk of harm to the public.

    Airport security screeners (or anyone with unsupervised access to secure airport areas);[2009]
    Federal law enforcement officers;[2010]
    Defense contractors;[2011]
    Prisoner transportation personnel;[2012]
    Port workers;[2013]
    Bank employees;[2014]
    Insurance personnel;[2015]
    Jobs that administer employee benefits plan;[2016]
    Childcare workers in federal facilities or agencies;[2017]
    Working for a school district in a position that requires certification or a supervisory capacity (if you have been convicted of a felony defined as serious or violent);[2018]

NOTE: Most of the time, if an employer cannot hire a person with a record for certain types of job positions, the employer may still be able to hire that person for other positions. If an employer says that they cannot hire you for a job based on your criminal record, you should ask whether there are any other positions available that you could take instead.

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