Legal restrictions on professional licenses


    What professional and occupational licenses are and what they requireHow your criminal record may affect your ability to get a professional or occupational licenseWhat information a licensing board can consider about your criminal recordWhen a licensing board can deny you a license based on your criminal recordWhat to do if a licensing board denies your application for a license because of your criminal recordWhat to do if you used to have a professional or occupational license, but lost it due to a criminal convictionOther groups you can contact for assistance or additional information about professional and occupational licenses

Many people with criminal records CAN and DO get professional and occupational licenses to work in the jobs of their choice. If you want to work in a job that requires a license, don’t be discouraged! Although it can be harder to get a license with a criminal record, this section will help you to understand your rights and how to increase your chances of getting the license you want!