Resources by Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC)

San Francisco, CA-based legal nonprofit Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC) has drafted several helpful resources for currently and formerly incarcerated parents. These resources, which focus on California law, are available on their website at If you are currently incarcerated, you can write LSPC to request a copy of any of the resources listed below. Their address is

    Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
    1540 Market Street, Suite 490
    San Francisco, CA 94102.

Currently, LSPC offers the following written materials:

    Bill of Rights for Incarcerated Parents
    Child Custody and Visiting Rights Manual for Recently Released Parents
    Incarcerated Parents Manual (available en español)
    Grandparent Relative Caregivers (available en español)
    Manual on Divorce Issues for People in California Prisons and Jails
    Pregnant Women in California Prisons and Jails: A Guide for Prisoners and Legal Advocates
    Transportation to Court
    What to Plan for When You Are Pregnant at California Institution for Women
    Manual on SSI & SSDI for Prisoners and Their Advocates
    Using Proposition 47 to Reduce Convictions and Restore Rights
    Prop. 47 Bay Area Guide
    Prop. 47 Sacramento Resource Guide
    Fighting for Our Rights: A Toolbox for Family Advocates of California Prisoners (available en español)
    Suing a Local Public Entity