Could my criminal record affect my child’s case in juvenile delinquency court?

No. Your criminal record cannot affect your child’s case in juvenile delinquency court.

For more information on Juvenile Delinquency Court, see Appendix G, PG. 813. There you can find more information on the following:

    What juvenile delinquency court is;
    What happens when your child is arrested and accused of breaking the law;
    The rights you as a parent and your child have when your child is charged with a crime;
    The type of hearings you and your child must attend;
    The decisions the court can make about your child when your child has been charged with a crime; and
    How your child’s records can be sealed.[2486]
  1. 2486

    See Judicial Council of Cal., Juvenile Delinquency, Please note that juvenile records are confidential and not open to public view. However, it is up to the child to ask the juvenile court to have his or her record sealed. See Welf. & Inst. Code § 389 and 781.