Managing & Navigating Spousal & Child Support

What will I learn about spousal & child support?

    What family-related court-ordered debt is, including child support and spousal support, and how it can affect your reentry.How to manage child support payments and spousal support payments during and after incarceration, including changing the amount you owe.What the consequences for failing to pay child support or spousal support are.What to do if you owe past, overdue child support payments or spousal support payments when you return to the community from prison or jail.How to ask for spousal support and whether you can ask for spousal support while you are incarcerated.

Many people coming home from prison or jail are surprised to find they owe lots of money to various courts, agencies, and people. The money you owe can make it very hard to get back on your feet, which can leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged. In this section, we will walk you through the different types of court ordered debts that a judge can order you to pay to support your children or spouse.