Rural development (RD) grievance procedures

The grievance procedures for Rural Development (RD) housing are different from most other government-assisted housing programs. Here is an overview of how it works if you live in RD housing:

    When a grievance is filed, regulations require the owner of the multifamily property (or owner’s representative) to offer to meet informally with the denied applicant within 10 calendar days to resolve the grievance.
    If the informal meeting fails to resolve the issue, the owner must file a report summarizing the problem to USDA (DEFINE THIS) and the applicant.
    The applicant (you) may submit a summary of the problem to USDA.
    After you get a summary of the problem, you must file a written request for an informal review hearing within 10 calendar days.
    After you request the informal review hearing, a hearing panel will be selected.
    You and the owner of the multifamily property may agree on a hearing officer, or you may each appoint one member of a 3-person panel, and those two hearing officers choose the third officer. If you and the owner cannot agree within 30 days on the two hearing officers, USDA will give you notice and appoint a person to act as the sole hearing officer.
    A USDA-approved ‘Standing Hearing Panel’ can also hear all grievances related to a particular development, where at least one member of the standing hearing panel must be selected by the residents at a formal resident meeting called to select hearing panel members.
    After the hearing panel is selected, the hearing will be scheduled within 15 days.