Can I find housing while I am still incarcerated?

Yes, it is possible. First, you may want to think about (1) what you need in the short-term vs. long-term; (2) how your parole or probation (or other type of supervision) affects where you can live; and (3) whether you want to look for private housing, government-assisted housing, or both. To help with this process, read about your housing options, starting on PG. 341.

There are additional considerations if you plan to move in with family or friends. You will want to ask them to find out everything possible about the guest policies where they live, and/or about adding someone to their apartment lease. If the housing your family or friend lives in receives any form of government assistance, they may also need to contact their local Public Housing Authority (PHA) to let them know they would like to add you to the household. A list of PHAs in California and their contact information can be found here: Appendix A, PG. 403 or online here: Learn more about moving in with family and friends beginning on PG. 385.

If you want to find transitional or emergency housing, generally you or a family member, friend or advocate will have to directly write or call the housing facility to ask about what the requirements are. For a list of transitional housing programs that may accept you while you are still incarcerated, see Appendix B, PG. 409.