I am a noncitizen convicted of a sex offense that requires me to register. Will I face immigration consequences in addition to my time sentenced to jail or prison?

The interaction between criminal and immigration law is very complex, and the answer to this question depends on what your specific conviction is, and/or what happened when you took a plea in your criminal case.

A conviction of an offense that involves sexual or lewd intent can have a range of immigration consequences. But in some cases where the offense is less serious, careful pleading and effective advocacy may help someone to avoid negative immigration consequences (like avoiding deportation). If you are unsure if your conviction will trigger immigration consequences, it is recommended that you reach out to your defense attorney/public defender’s office immediately about these concerns.

IMPORTANT RESOURCE: For general information on the immigration consequences of a conviction that creates a 290 registration requirement, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) offers a detailed guide online at: https://www.ilrc.org/sites/default/files/resources/10_sex_offenses_2014_final.pdf.