Being under some type of supervision is usually required for you to be released from prison or jail. In California, there are many types of supervision—state parole, county probation, Mandatory Supervision, PRCS, federal probation, Supervised, and federal parole. Hopefully now that you’ve read this Chapter, you better understand what it means to be under supervision, what special rules you have to follow, and all of the rights you have as a person in reentry.

Let’s review!

In the PAROLE & PROBATION CHAPTER, you learned about:

    Different types of supervision in California, including the state and federal systems for supervisionWho gets put onto what type of supervision, and the reasons whyWhat to expect and know about when you first get released onto community supervision The General vs. Special/ Discretionary Conditions of Supervision: What general rules (conditions) you have to follow, what special/ discretionary (extra conditions) might be added on, and how to challenge special/ discretionary conditionsThe Length of Supervision: How it is is calculated, and how to get off early, if possibleTransferring Supervision to a Different Location: What the procedures are for transferring your supervision to a different county or stateDisability Rights: How to navigate parole and/or probation if you have a disability and need help or accommodationsViolations: What your rights are if you’re accused of violating the conditions of your supervision, and how the “revocation” (violations) process works for the different types of supervision