Federal community supervision: federal probation


    Important basic information about Federal ProbationWhat to expect in your first days out on Federal ProbationThe general conditions of Federal ProbationWhat extra (special) conditions of Federal Probation can be addedHow to challenge the conditions of Federal ProbationHow to transfer locations while on Federal ProbationThe process of violations & revocations on Federal ProbationYour rights as a person with a disability on Federal Probation
  1. Basics of Federal Probation

    1. What is federal probation?

    2. Who is supervised by federal probation?

  2. After Release: What to Expect in Your First Days Out on Federal Probation

    1. When must I report to my probation officer?

  3. Length of Federal Probation

    1. How long is my supervision under federal probation?

    2. Can I get off of federal probation early?

    3. Could my time on federal probation be extended beyond the original sentence?

  4. Conditions of Federal Probation

    1. What are conditions of federal probation, and why are they important?

    2. Where can I find a written statement of my conditions of federal probation?

    3. How often do I have to see my probation officer if I am on federal probation?

    4. What is the difference between mandatory & discretionary conditions?

    5. What are the mandatory conditions on federal probation?

    6. What are additional mandatory conditions that only certain people on federal probation have to follow?

    7. What discretionary conditions will I have to follow on federal probation?

    8. What rules must the judge follow when ordering discretionary conditions on my federal probation?

    9. Can I ask that my conditions of federal probation be changed?

    10. Can I challenge unlawful discretionary conditions that were added on to my federal probation?

    11. How can I challenge unlawful discretionary conditions that were added on to my federal probation?

  5. Violations & Revocations—For BOTH Federal Probation and Supervised Release

  6. Disabilities & Federal Probation

  7. Transfer Locations on Federal Probation, Federal Supervised Release, or Federal Parole

    1. How can I move if I am on federal supervision (like federal probation, federal supervised release, or federal parole)?

    2. What factors could help my request to move/transfer be approved?

    3. What factors could hurt my request to move/transfer from being approved?

    4. I am on federal probation, Federal supervised release, or Federal Parole. Is it possible to move while a transfer investigation is still pending?

    5. Can I challenge a denial of my transfer request?

    6. I am on federal supervision. Can I move in with someone who lives in government-assisted housing (like public housing, Section 8, or a voucher program)?