Sample Instructions for PRCS from Different Counties in California

WARNING: You must report to your County Probation Department for PRCS supervision within 2 working days after your release from state prison, court, or county jail. Instructions for what to do when you first get out on PRCS vary from one county probation department to the next. For example only, here are the instructions for people on PRCS in a couple of California counties:

If you are on PRCS under the L.A. County Probation Department:[1150]

    You must report within 2 working days of your release.
    You should bring the following important documents to your probation “H.U.B.” orientation:
    Valid identification: Driver’s license, California State I.D., or any identification with your name, picture, or signature). [NOTE: Please go to the BUILDING BLOCKS OF REENTRY: ID & VOTING CHAPTER, beginning on PG. 22 if you need to get this type of document/ID.]
    Verification of residence: this can be a letter or other correspondence with your name and the address where you reside, a copy of a rental agreement, or a signed letter from your landlord verifying that the address presented is your residence.
    A copy of any and all document you were given by the sentencing court or the Corrections Counselor regarding your release.
    Once the HUB orientation is complete, you will be given:
    A copy of your signed permanent probation instructions or the court-ordered conditions of supervision,
    All signed financial documents, and
    A referral to your probation officer or the probation office closest to your residence.
    Lastly, you will be instructed when and where to report to your local county probation office within 48 hours. Once you report to the local county probation office for supervision, you will be assigned a supervision probation officer, who will explain the specific requirements of supervision and reporting requirements to you.

If you are on PRCS under the Butte County Probation Department:[1151]

    You must report within 2 working days of your release.
    The Butte County Probation Department’s supervision of people on PRCS includes: office visits, home visits, searches, urine testing, and enforcement.
    Probation will complete an evidence-based “Offender Needs Guide” to identify and target your needs. This is Probation’s tool to identify your specific risk and protective factors to improve case management and reduce the risk of re-offending.
    Based on the “Offender Needs Guide,” your Probation Officer will make referrals for services to the appropriate agencies.
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