What benefits and services can I get through Medi‑Cal?

As required by law, Medi-Cal covers a set of “essential health benefits,” including: hospital care and emergency services; medical services; prescription drugs; mental health and substance abuse treatment (potentially including treatment that is a condition of probation or parole); maternity and pediatric care; rehabilitation services; preventive care and chronic disease management; and some dental care.[1570]

Helpful HintRetroactive Medi-Cal Coverage

When applying for Medi-Cal benefits, you may request retroactive Medi-Cal coverage for medical services you received during any of the three calendar months immediately before the month that you applied to Medi-Cal, so long as the services would have qualified for coverage had you been enrolled in Medi-Cal at the time. If you do apply for retroactive benefits, you must complete a supplemental request form. You may request retroactive coverage when you apply for Medi-Cal or within one year of the last month for which retroactive coverage is sought.[1571]

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