Am I eligible for the California LifeLine program?

Eligibility for the California Lifeline phone program can be based on one of two different factors: (1) the low-income assistance programs (called program-based eligibility), OR (2) by meeting certain total household income limit requirements (called income-based eligibility). Go to for a list of federal and state assistance (public benefits) programs that meet the program-based eligibility requirements, and for a chart that explains how much you can make to meet income-based eligibility requirements.

Only one LifeLine telephone line is allowed per “household.” For this program, a “household” member is defined as any adult (over 18 years old or an emancipated minor) living with you and sharing income and household expenses. Go to to view a sample worksheet to help you figure out if you qualify as one “household.”

To view a sample of the California Lifeline Eligibility Guidelines form, see