How do I apply for the California LifeLine program?

First select a participating telephone company. If you already use a specific phone company, it may already participate in the LifeLine program (you can call the company and ask), or you may select a new telephone company that serves your area by searching online at:

    Remember, different phone companies provide different service plans, so you might want to shop around!

The telephone company will give you a Lifeline application form, with an Enrollment Code and/or a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in a pink envelope. To view a copy of a sample California LifeLife application form, go to order to receive the California LifeLine benefits, you must complete this form, sign it, and send it to the California LifeLine Administrator along with any required documents by the due date listed on the form. You may also apply online at, the telephone company will confirm your identity and whether you meet the one phone per household requirement, and then process your application.

    If you have any additional questions about your application, status, or due dates, please call the California LifeLine Administrator's hotline at 1-866-272-0349.