Once enrolled, what rules must I follow to remain eligible?

Aside from meeting the program-based or income-based guidelines, you cannot apply for more than one Lifeline phone per household, as previously discussed.

If you do not follow this rule, you will lose your Lifeline phone and benefits, and you may be prosecuted by the federal government. This also means that you cannot be claimed as a dependent on anybody else's income tax return, and that you may not transfer your Lifeline discount to anyone else.[1842]

Also, you must recertify yourself as eligible once each year. This can be done either online at www.californialifeline.com using your PIN, or by letter to: California LifeLine Administrator, P.O. Box 8417, Westminster, CA 92684.

See a sample California LifeLine program renewal form at https://www.californialifeline.com/pdf/new/renewals/st_en_10_ren_0114.pdf.

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    See California LifeLine, https://www.californialifeline.com/pdf/new/applications/st_en_10_app_eg_0615.pdf