What documents do I need to be found eligible?

First, you will need documents that prove who you are (your identity) to the phone company. You may need to show your Social Security card, birth certificate, and/or unexpired driver license. For a complete list of acceptable ID, see www.californialifeline.com, or call 1-877-858-7463. Find a “Sample ID Authentication Form” at https://www.californialifeline.com/pdf/identity/st_en_10_nc_id_0915.pdf.[1838]

Second, you will need to prove that you require financial assistance. One way to prove this is to show that you receive public benefits from a qualifying state or federal assistance program. You may need to show a copy of your benefits program agreement or benefit card.[1839]

Finally, if you want to prove your eligibility based on your income, you must provide an official document proving your income—for example, an income statement from an employer, a prior year's tax return, a Social Security income statement, a Veterans Administration income statement, and/or a document proving you receive unemployment or some other public benefits. See https://www.californialifeline.com/pdf/new/applications/st_en_10_app_eg_0615.pdf for a complete list.

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