In what facilities is the CAL-ID program available?

As of July 2015, the CAL-ID program has been expanded to all 36 state prisons in California. HOWEVER, the CAL-ID Program is NOT available at CDCR’s contracted facilities (also called “community correctional facilities”) or CDCR’s conservation camps (also called “fire camps”). This is because CDCR and the DMV do not consider contracted facilities or fire camps to be “state prisons” under the law.[65] This interpretation has not been challenged.

Thus, the CAL-ID program is not available at fire camps OR contracted facilities, which include:

    Golden State Modified Community Correctional Facility (GSMCCF),
    Desert View Modified Community Correctional Facility (DVMCCF),
    Central Valley Modified Community Correctional Facility (CVMCCF),
    Shafter Modified Community Correctional Facility (SMCCF),
    Taft Modified Community Correctional Facility (TMCCF),
    Delano Modified Community Correctional Facility (DMCCF),
    Female Community Reentry Facility (FCRF).

If your facility is a community correctional facility or a fire camp, then unfortunately you cannot apply for a state ID card through the CAL-ID program while you are incarcerated. You will have to wait to apply for a state ID card after release.

  1. 65

    See Cal. Penal Code § 3007.05 (“CDCR and DMV shall ensure that all eligible inmates released from state prisons have valid identification cards”).