Who is not required to register with Selective Service?

You are NOT required to register with the Selective Service if you fall into a category below:[280]

(1) Certain people who are confined:

    People who are incarcerated in jail or prison — You DO NOT have to register for the Selective Service while incarcerated, even if you are a male between ages 18 and 25. But if you are age 25 or younger at the time of your release, you must register within 30 days of getting out.
    People who are being kept in a hospital or institution for medical reasons.

(2) Certain people who have disabilities:

    People with a mental or physical disability that prevents them from functioning in public, with or without assistance.
    People who have been confined continuously to a residence, hospital, or institution from age 18 to age 25.

(3) Certain noncitizens:

    Lawful non-immigrants holding visas in the United States.
    Seasonal agricultural workers holding visas (H-2A).[281]

(4) Certain military members:

    Members of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty.
    Cadets or midshipmen in a U.S. Service Academy or Coast Guard Academy.
    Students in Officer Procurement Programs at certain U.S. military colleges.

(5) Certain people who have had sex reassignment:

    People who were born female (assigned female at birth) and have had a sex reassignment are not required to register with the Selective Service. However, people who were born male (assigned male at birth) and have had a sex reassignment are required to register.
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    50 U.S.C. App. 456.

  2. 281

    NOTE: Most other categories of noncitizens are required to register. These include legal permanent residents (“green card” holders), undocumented immigrants, refugees, and asylum grantees. See https://www.sss.gov/Portals/0/PDFs/WhoMustRegisterChart.pdf