What information will I need to clean up my record?

This is a general list of the information you will need to have for EVERY entry in your criminal record:[2985]

    Your case number (sometimes called “docket number”);
    The dates associated with your offense, including the dates of arrest, conviction, sentencing, release, and completion of any term of supervision;
    The name of the code (for example, Penal Code, Health & Safety Code, etc.) and section number of the code that you were accused or convicted of violating;
    Whether you were ordered to serve time on probation (formal and informal probation are treated the same in your record);
    If so, for how long?
    Whether you were ordered to pay any restitution, court fines or penalties, or administrative fees, and how much (learn more about these in the COURT-ORDERED DEBT CHAPTER, beginning on PG. 654); and
    Whether you were sentenced to state prison.
  1. 2985

    Cleaning Your Record, California Courts, http://www.courts.ca.gov/1070.htm.