How do I get my local (county) RAP sheet and criminal history information?

The process for getting your local RAP sheet is different in each county. In some counties, you can get a complete RAP sheet that has ALL of your criminal history information from that county in one place, including all of your convictions, arrests, and any open warrants. In other counties, these records are kept separately (by different agencies), so you will need to go to several places and get separate records for all of your court cases (convictions), arrest records, and warrants.

You will need to contact the police department, sheriff’s department, courthouse, or Public Defender’s Office of the county where you were convicted for information on how to get your local RAP sheet.

Remember, your county RAP sheet and other records will ONLY show information for that county. If you’ve had any interaction with the police, courts, highway patrol, or any other law enforcement or criminal justice agencies in other counties, you should get your California (DOJ) RAP sheet to see all of your criminal history information.