Who is legally allowed to see my RAP sheet?

MOST PEOPLE CANNOT SEE YOUR RAP SHEET. Your RAP sheet is protected and confidential because it is kept by law enforcement agencies. The only people who can see your RAP sheet are:

    Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies have full access to your RAP sheet, including juvenile adjudications, expunged/dismissed cases, and sometimes even sealed records![2972]
    State occupational licensing agencies can review your RAP when considering whether or not to issue you a professional license. Some may ban you from getting a license if you have a criminal record.[2973] (For more information see the EMPLOYMENT CHAPTER, on PG. 601)
    State and local welfare agencies including child welfare agencies, child support agencies, and humane societies can see your RAP sheet.[2974]
    Most public employers can see your RAP sheet when you apply for a job with them. These include all federal, state and local government agencies—including police and fire departments, the California Department of Corrections (CDCR), local Boards of Education, and the U.S. Postal Service.[2975]
    Certain private employers can see your RAP sheet if you are applying for a job that involves access to sensitive information (e.g., nuclear power plants, public utilities, private security companies, and financial institutions like banks) OR you will be working with children, elderly, disabled, or other vulnerable people.[2976]
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    These employers include: nuclear power plants; public utilities; agencies directly responsible for the care of children, the elderly, or the mentally or physically disabled; youth organizations; in-home supportive care agencies; security organizations; financial institutions; private schools. See Cal. Penal Code §§ 11105(c)(1); 11105.3, 11105.4; Cal. Fin. Code § 777.5; Cal. Health & Safety Code § 1596.871; Cal. Veh. Code § 44237. However, private employers must still get authorization from the DOJ in order to view RAP sheets.