Before Release: Common Questions on Preparing for Parole Board Hearings and on New Laws Affecting Sentencing and Release Dates

While Root & Rebound (the nonprofit reentry legal resource center that writes, updates, and publishes this guidebook) focuses on helping people prepare for and navigate legal barriers in reentry related to having a criminal record and/or being formerly incarcerated, we receive many questions through letters and our weekly Reentry Legal Hotline from people currently incarcerated in state prison, asking about new laws and policies affecting parole eligibility, release date calculations, and parole consideration hearings for lifers.

While Root & Rebound’s legal team does not have expertise on parole eligibility, release date calculations, and parole consideration hearings, we know it can be very difficult to get up-to-date and useful information while incarcerated about new laws impacting your life and future release.

To address this huge need, we have included new information and resources here and in the PAROLE & PROBATION CHAPTER’S Appendix on the following issues:

    Preparing for parole consideration hearings before the California Board of Parole Hearings (BPH)
    SB 260 and SB 261
    SB 394
    The Elderly Parole Program
    Proposition 57
    SB 620 & SB 180