1. Getting Your California (DOJ) RAP Sheet

  2. Request for Live Scan Service (form BCIA 8016) & Instructions

  3. Sample Letter and Declaration for Fee Waiver—California (DOJ) RAP Sheet

  4. Getting Your FBI (Federal) RAP Sheet

  5. FBI RAP Sheet Request Checklist

  6. Fixing Errors in Your California (DOJ) RAP Sheet

  7. Fixing Errors in Your FBI (Federal) RAP Sheet

  8. Fixing Errors in Your Background Check

  9. Sample Letter to Challenge Information in Your Background Check

  10. Sample Statement of Dispute

  11. Petition for Dismissal (California Expungement)

  12. Tips for Writing a Declaration

  13. Sample Declaration

  14. Tips for Gathering Letters of Support

  15. Sample Letter of Support

  16. Motion for Early Termination of Probation

  17. Sample Motion for Early Termination of Probation

  18. How to Reduce Your Felony Conviction to a Misdemeanor under 17(b)

  19. Sample Petition to Reduce Felony Conviction to Misdemeanor

  20. Resentencing & Reclassification Under Prop. 47

  21. Changes to Criminal Penalties for Adults & Juveniles under Proposition 64

  22. Proposition 64 Court Forms for Adult and Juveniles

  23. Certificates Of Rehabilitation—Period Of Rehabilitation

  24. Certificate Of Rehabilitation—Petition For Certificate Of Rehabilitation

  25. Governor’s Pardon—Application For Traditional Pardon Directly From Governor (Without Certificate Of Rehabilitation)

  26. How to Seal Your Adult Arrest Record (California State Records)

  27. How to Seal Juvenile Records

  28. How to Get DNA Expungement

  29. Sample California RAP Sheet

  30. FBI Applicant Information Form – FBI RAP Sheet

  31. FBI-Approved Channelers

  32. Petition for Dismissal (CR-180) & Order for Dismissal (CR-181)

  33. Prop. 47 – Sample Petitions for San Fransisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles

  34. Application for a Direct Governor’s Pardon

  35. Petition & Order to Seal and Destroy Adult Arrest Records

  36. Immigrant Legal Resource Center - Warning for Immigrants about Medical & Legalized Marijuana