COUNTY-Level Community Supervision: PROBATION, PRCS, and Mandatory Supervision

WHAT WILL I LEARN about county probation, PRCS, and Mandatory Supervision?

    How California’s “Realignment” law changed county-level probation and supervision The different types of county-run supervision: informal probation, formal probation, post-release community supervision, and mandatory supervision Terms and conditions of probation and supervision How to request a change to your probation or supervision conditions How to request a transfer to a different county What to do if your probation or supervision is revoked What happens at a probation revocation hearingHow to challenge probation conditions How to challenge probation revocation

For certain state convictions, the judge may sentence you to a form of county-level supervision as part (or all) of your sentence. This can happen in a few different ways:

    You may be sentenced to serve some time in county jail, followed by a term on county probation or on California’s new Mandatory Supervision; OR
    You may be sentenced to serve time in state prison, followed by a term on California’s new Post-Release Community Supervision; OR
    You may be sentenced directly to a term of probation (without any time served in jail).

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  1. What is county probation?

  2. How did California’s “Realignment” law change California’s county-run probation System?

  3. What types of supervision now fall under the control of county probation after realignment?

  4. Informal Probation (a.k.a. Summary Probation or Court Probation)

    1. Basics of Informal Probation

    2. After Release: What to Expect in Your First Days Out on Informal Probation

    3. Length of Informal Probation

    4. Getting Off Informal Probation

    5. Conditions of Informal Probation

    6. Transferring Locations on Informal Probation

    7. Violations & Revocations on Informal Probation

  5. Formal Probation

    1. Basics of Formal Probation

    2. After Release: What to Expect in Your First Days Out on Formal Probation

    3. Length of Formal Probation

    4. Conditions of Formal Probation

    5. Transferring Locations on Formal Probation

    6. Violations & Revocations of Formal Probation

  6. Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS)

    1. Basics of PRCS

    2. After Release: What to Expect in Your First Days Out on PRCS

    3. Length of PRCS

    4. Conditions of PRCS

    5. Transferring Locations on PRCS

    6. Violations & Revocations of PRCS

  7. Mandatory supervision

    1. Basics of Mandatory Supervision

    2. After Release: What to Expect in your first days out on mandatory supervision

    3. Length of Mandatory Supervision

    4. Conditions of Mandatory Supervision

    5. Transferring Locations on Mandatory Supervision

    6. Violations & Revocations of Mandatory Supervision

    7. Your Rights as a Person with a Disability on Mandatory Supervision

  8. Violations & revocations of Formal probation, Informal probation, & mandatory supervision

    1. Pre-hearing

    2. The Hearing

    3. Sentencing

    4. Challenging a Revocation decision