1. General and Discretionary Conditions of California State Parole

  2. California State Parole Term Lengths

  3. Learn How To Calculate Your State Parole Discharge Date

  4. State Parole (DAPO) Regional Appeals Coordinators Addresses & Phone Numbers

  5. Notice Of Arson Offender Registration Requirement

  6. California Penal Code Sections 3000(b) & 3000.1

  7. California CDCR Form 1515

  8. California CDCR Form: Written Consent For Minor Visitation

  9. California CDCR Form 22

  10. California CDCR Form 602

  11. How To File A State Writ Habeas Corpus Petition

  12. California CDCR Form 1502

  13. Transferring To Another State As a Person Required to Register as a Sex Offender

  14. Interstate Compact Process Flowchart

  15. California CDCR Form 106

  16. California CDCR Form 106-A

  17. California CDCR Form 1824

  18. California BPH Form 1074

  19. California CDCR Form 611

  20. California CDCR Form 1845

  21. California CDCR Form 128C-2

  22. California CDCR Form 1707

  23. Selected California Formal Probation Instructions (County Specific)

  24. Sample Instructions for County Probation From Different Counties in California

  25. Changing Conditions of Informal or Formal Probation

  26. Sample Instructions for PRCS from Different Counties in California

  27. Requesting an Accommodation for Your Disability on County-Level Probation

  28. U.S. Department Of Justice, Federal Bureau Of Prisons (BOP) Form BP-A714.056, “Notice Of Release And Arrival”

  29. Federal Probation/Supervised Release: Standard Conditions

  30. Federal Probation/Supervised Release: Discretionary Conditions

  31. List Of Factors Federal Judges Consider When Determining Whether To Let Someone Off Probation Early

  32. Federal Crime Classes

  33. Sample Certificate Of Supervised Release

  34. Federal Supervised Release: Term Length Chart

  35. Federal Supervision: Release Plans

  36. Appeals to the National Appeals Board

  37. Federal Parole: Revocation Hearings

  38. Referrals for Parole Consideration Hearings before the BPH

  39. Excerpt from Human Rights Watch’s “Youth Offender Parole Guide”— Checklist to Determine Who is Eligible for a Youth Offender Parole Hearing under SB 260 & SB 261

  40. Form to Contest Disqualification by BPH as a “Youth Offender” under California Penal Code section 3051